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Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst:  Dealing with Character Issues in the Maryland Bar Application Process


After completing your undergraduate studies and three (3) years of law school, the last thing you want to face are probing questions about incidents that occurred in your past.  Instead, you’d rather focus on studying for the Bar Exam. If you have any issues in your past that raise questions about your character or fitness to practice law, however, you need to be ready to address these issues fully and accurately.  To do otherwise is to risk having your Bar Application be denied.

This free resource is intended to educate you on the character and fitness review process in Maryland and to give you practical advice on how to deal with character issues that may raise red flags in the character and fitness review process.  And to be clear, the character and fitness review process is extensive.  If a red flag is raised about your character and fitness, you better be the one that raised it.  As we explain in more detail in this free resource, it isn’t necessarily the “sin” that keeps applicants from being admitted to the Maryland Bar but the failure to disclose the sin on the Maryland Bar Application.

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