Finding an attorney can be difficult. It is hard to know which ones you can trust to always work on your behalf. Rather than taking our word for it, why not take some time to read through what our actual clients and peers have had to say over the years. You’ll soon see that we have a strong reputation for being the hardest working and most reliable practice in the area.

Attorney Stafford helped me in my work environment where the law is more stringent on me than on the American citizens that I indirectly, but ultimately serve. I was going to get unfairly terminated if I did not receive the proper legal guidance from a well experienced lawyer. 

With the facts of the case, Mr. Stafford’s arguments were convincingly enough that I got no adverse action in a final decision from my employer and can continue to move forward successfully in my career.  Mr. Stafford and his trial team are excellent at:

  1.  Anticipating potential areas of weakness in arguments that must be fortified against.
  2. Spotting points of weakness in an oppositions argument.
  3. Being able to review information and research quickly and effectively.
  4. Being personable, persuasive and able to read others. 
  5. Deciding upon the best approach to take in order to achieve their desired outcome.
  6. Being creative in getting the client prepared and allowing (s)he to have ownership in the their legal process.

I thank God for allowing Mr. Stafford and his trial team for interceding and winning my case for me. Again, thank you and your team for being the “legal angels” in my case.

So grateful,

- C.A.

I was recently represented by Mr. Stafford before the Maryland board of Physicians. The fact that I had to appear before the board to answer an erroneous charge was enough to throw me off balance initially. Mr. Stafford was able to navigate the process while at the same time putting me at ease. He was also able to present the facts in a compelling way resulting in complete exoneration and dismissal of the case. I will be forever grateful.

- L.R.

Not long ago, I found myself in a conversation with the President of my company about my dismissal at will, without cause, and without warning. I had sacrificed assets and opportunities to join this company only months earlier. I was one of only two minorities and one of only two employees over the age of sixty at the firm. My sense of disappointment, inequity, and hurt was professional, economic, and emotional.

Negotiations over terms of severance prompted a difficult search for the right employment attorney to represent my interests better than I could manage on my own given my raw emotions and lack of objectivity.

Fortunately, most people rarely need an employment lawyer. If you can’t get a reference from someone you know who has had an employment dispute, or from another lawyer, how do you choose from so many options on the Internet?

Following a comprehensive search, I whittled down the finalists to a promising few before selecting Jamal Stafford, Esq. Mr. Stafford was chosen based on his specialization in employment law, his narrow focus on representing aggrieved employees within the specialty of employment law, and his experience and willingness to go to court on behalf of his clients as appropriate and necessary. Though I did not expect to end up in court, his litigation competencies represented a mental and personal toughness that I wanted in the person retained to construct and pursue my case.

Upon meeting Mr. Stafford, I found him organized, business-like and professional, and at the same time impressively personable, understanding and concerned about my well-being and interests. He listened intently to my recitation of the facts and quickly saw the big picture. He suggested working with me on retainer rather than an hourly rate basis which seemed fair to both my budget and interests.

In pursuing my case, Mr. Stafford worked hard and conscientiously, with intelligence, depth, and professionalism. At all times he exhibited exceeding care, understanding, and concern for my interests and our process. I found him easy to talk to and an ideal partner to balance out my personalization of the situation; and the hurt and disappointment that accompanied my case.

In the end, Mr. Stafford’s representation resulted in a negotiation that was delegated and managed efficiently while I looked for alternative income; and in an improved severance agreement that paid careful attention to all the details.

My outcomes were better than I could have achieved on my own, and as well as I could have done against a determined former employer in a Right to Work state.

- R.S.

I came to Jay with a non-compete issue with a previous employer in the federal contracting space that presented a whole host of challenges for myself and my family. I was invited to Baltimore where I met with Jay and discussed a strategy that provided me with the confidence that I would get through my particular situation. He is not a “yes” man and will give you the best legal opinion to help you achieve your goals while also limiting your exposure to unnecessary litigation.

Jay used his skills as an attorney to open a new line of communication with my previous employer who was both litigious and unapologetic about their restrictive noncompete clause. Rather than go to court, he helped me work with that employer to identify which opportunities they would be willing to grant me a waiver for and which they would not. Many of the opportunities we discussed were ultimately allowed, enabling me to receive multiple job offers over the ensuing weeks and months. I’m happy to say I’m now employed with an excellent organization and have moved on to bigger and better things.

In short, Jay is a smart, well-tempered, and committed attorney who has the capacity and sincere passion to help those in need of representation when facing big challenges from prior or existing employers. If that is what you’re after, then look no further.

- C. P.

Jay is a skilled advocate. He provides excellent service and thoughtful advice. Clients are certainly in good hands with Jay

- P. A.

Attorney Stafford is top-notch! After serving in a senior director’s role for almost a decade, with outstanding performance, I was essentially ousted! The head of my previous employer was allowed to manufacture a plan to get rid of me as part of a scheme to build a new team. I was presented with the “opportunity” to resign along with a confidential “separation agreement.” Attorney Stafford helped me to navigate this complex legal situation and advised me on negotiating the best deal possible. I remain grateful for his legal expertise and compassion during an extremely emotional period. Along with God and my family, he was with me every step of the way!

- S.B.

Mr. Stafford is a pleasure to work with. We are very grateful to him for the excellent and tactful way he handled a tough situation, and particularly with the efficiency and speed with which it was executed. We would have no hesitation in using his services again or recommending him to acquaintances.

- M. M.

Mr. Stafford is an excellent attorney. He handled my case with the upmost respect, expertise, understanding, and professionalism. His advice kept me grounded and focused on the strategies needed to win my case. I would hire Mr. Stafford again…and will definitely recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. Thank you so much Mr. Stafford!

- R S., Ph.D.

Mr. Stafford was recommended to me by a trusted source, and never have I been so grateful for this referral. My past legal experiences had not been as good, leaving me fearful of outcomes.

Mr. Stafford remained not only professional throughout his representation of me, but also extremely sensitive to what I had been through. He reassured me several times about our stance in the case, and guided me into the best decisions possible when they needed to be made.

Mr. Stafford was fair and just, which is exactly what one hopes for in an attorney. He handled all rising issues in the best ways possible, and his choices and results were always good ones.

I would hire Mr. Stafford again in a heartbeat, and would encourage anyone seeking litigation to do the same.

- J. F.

Mr. Stafford was truly a blessing. He returns emails, and is only an email away from answering your question. Mr. Stafford also knows his practice, I would recommend him to a friend and will be also using him again in the future. Thank you.

- D. B.

I truly enjoyed working with Mr. Stafford. He was very professional and knowledgeable on the subject matter. Mr. Stafford was attentive to my needs regarding the sensitive nature of my case. He was very flexible with scheduling and kept me involved in every step of the process. He made sure that I understood everything that was going on, literally breaking down each step and preparing me for what to expect. He was a pleasure.

- S. E.

Jay began his career as a litigation associate at a large international law firm, DLA Piper, in Baltimore, MD. As a partner, I found Jay to be a pleasure to work with. Clients will benefit from his “big firm” training and work ethic and his professionalism and values.

- M. D.

Mr. Stafford is a skilled practitioner and one I would gladly refer clients. He is calm and collected and the type of attorney you want on your side the day of a trial. I endorse him.

- P. R.

I have known Attorney Stafford for the greater part of 10 years and am proud to call him a colleague. He combines an intense knowledge of the law with the compassion necessary to aggressively represent his clients. An awesome, razor sharp, trial lawyer. I would not hesitate to endorse and recommend Mr. Stafford.

- C. A., Jr.