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Don’t Spend Another Day Facing Discrimination in the Workplace!


Workplace discrimination comes in many forms. For some, it rears its ugly head in the glaring form of explicitly racist or sexist comments. For others, it manifests as subtly unequal or unfair treatment—like getting the feel that you were passed over for a promotion because of your age or religion or gender. In all cases, it is essential that you take action to protect your rights. Thus, our law firm has put together this informative free resource titled, “The Path of Resistance: An Employee’s Guide to Standing Up to Workplace Discrimination.”

  • When you download this guide you will learn:
  • What qualifies as workplace discrimination in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and at the federal level
  • The various “classes” which are protected by law
  • Steps employees should take when they suspect discrimination
  • How to take concrete legal action to defend one’s employment rights

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