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Experienced Maryland Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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If you are the victim of sexual harassment, you no longer have to suffer in silence.  At this law firm, your Maryland sexual harassment lawyer will take allegations of sexual harassment seriously and will fight relentlessly to obtain justice and compensation.

Every employee has the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace that is free from unwanted sexual advances.

If you have experienced unwanted sexual advances or are constantly faced with sexually-charged conduct or statements in your workplace, contact a Maryland sexual harassment lawyer today for a confidential consultation so that we can begin the process of putting together a game plan to put a stop to this type of conduct and protect your rights in the workplace.

At this law firm, we take allegations of sexual harassment seriously and are relentless on behalf of our clients in obtaining justice and compensation for them.

When clients retain us to represent them, we understand that they are often afraid of retaliation by their employer and their coworkers. Under the law, however, an employer is prohibited from retaliating against an employee because they filed a claim of sexual harassment. When we meet with our clients we lay out not only their rights under the law but also discuss various practical strategies that we can utilize to enhance their protections under the law. At The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford, L.L.C., our Maryland sexual harassment lawyers can strategically guide you through the process of lodging internal complaints with your employer, as well as filing charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, the D.C. Office of Human Rights or any other applicable local administrative agency.  Ultimately, it may be necessary for us to file suit against your employer, and we stand ready to represent you in court.

Protect Your Rights With An Experienced Maryland Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is defined by the EEOC as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating or hostile work environment, or unreasonably interferes with that individual’s employment.  This type of harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature, however, but can also include offensive remarks about a person’s sex.  Although sexual harassment is illegal, it still occurs all too often in workplaces across Maryland. If you are the victim of sexual harassment or face a hostile work environment, you need to contact an experienced Maryland sexual harassment lawyer here at The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford, L.L.C. immediately so that we can confidentially counsel you and put together a game plan to help you successfully resolve the situation you are facing.

How to Handle Sexual Harassment and Assault at Work

Sexual harassment and assault in the workplace are very sensitive subjects, but ones that should be taken seriously. If you believe that you are being sexually harassed at work, you should consider taking the following actions:

  1. Confront the harasser: The easiest and most direct way to stop sexual harassment is to explain to the perpetrator that his or her actions make you uncomfortable and ask them to stop. This is often enough to stop the harassment, especially where the perpetrator is unaware that his or her actions are potentially inappropriate. 
  2. Document the behavior: Although sexual harassment and assault are illegal, the EEOC and the courts need evidence that it occurred before they can hold an employer responsible. Gather this evidence by documenting the date, time, place, and events that occurred. 
  3. Report it to management: If confronting the harasser does not work, consider reporting the harasser’s behavior to management so that an internal investigation may be launched.
  4. Report it to police: If you have been the victim of sexual assault, you should immediately report it to the police. 
  5. Discuss your options with a Maryland sexual harassment lawyer. If the behavior persist and/or management is not protecting your safety, it's best to speak with an attorney to learn your rights and options. 

Working With The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford, L.L.C.

Working with the experienced sexual harassment lawyers here at The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford, L.L.C. is simple, confidential and efficient.  We are experienced in counseling and representing employees who are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.  When you meet with us, we thoroughly review your options and the law and then put together a comprehensive strategy to achieve your goals.  Attorney Jamaal (“Jay”) W. Stafford is an experienced sexual harassment lawyer in Maryland, and he is no stranger to the courtroom.  He brings to bear his litigation experience and employment law expertise to craft creative solutions for each of his clients.  If you would like to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney at The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford, L.L.C., you can contact us today via our website or call us at 410-514-6099.

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