Maine Federal Employment Lawyer

Our lawyers represent current and former federal employees in Maine who need help protecting their legal rights. If you work for the federal government (or used to work for the federal government) and believe that you have been treated unfairly or in a discriminatory manner, we can help you make informed decisions about what to do next. In many cases, this will involve filing a complaint with the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). But, in some cases, it may mean going to court. Whatever it takes, we can use our experience to effectively assert your legal rights on your behalf.

We handle claims on behalf of current and former federal employees under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), Rehabilitation Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all other federal employment laws. We also handle claims against all federal offices, departments and agencies. Our lawyers have extensive experience handling employment-related matters on behalf of current and former federal employees, and we can use our experience to fight for the outcome you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your legal rights in confidence.