Negotiating an Employment Agreement

Employment agreements can benefit both the company and the executive by setting the tone for a professional relationship and clearly establishing the expectations that the company has of its executives. Employment contracts can and should be comprehensive and detailed enough to address the key issues that determine how an executive works for an organization. The agreements should impose both rights and obligations Read More

Federal Employee Discrimination: How to Prove It

Federal employees can take legal action to pursue a legal remedy if they are victimized by any type of unlawful discriminatory behavior.  This could include being refused a job or promotion or being fired as a result of their race, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, advanced age, or other protected status. Workers who are sexually harassed; whose federal government employers refuse to make Read More

The Maryland Bar Application: What Every Applicant Needs to Know

So you are ready to graduate from law school and begin working as an attorney in the State of Maryland. Of course, things are not quite so simple. Earning your juris doctor is just the first step. Before you can practice law, you must first apply for admission to the Maryland Bar. The admission process itself involves several steps and requires you to provide a significant amount of background information to the Read More

The Fee Agreement: Five Things to Consider

The last thing many Maryland attorneys want to think about is contracts, especially when it comes to sensitive matters like client fees. But written contracts are a necessary evil in this business. If you do not spell out the exact relationship between you and your client, it can easily come back to bite you. We have all dealt with problem clients who dispute every line item of every bill. While Maryland does not Read More

The Maryland Board of Physicians Just Denied Your Application for a License. What Now?

Before you can legally practice medicine in this state, the Maryland Board of Physicians must grant you a license. Any person who meets certain statutory qualifications can apply for licensure. Typically, the Board will act on an application within four months. If there is a problem with your application or the Board ultimately decides to reject it, then there may be an extended hearing and appeals process. Some Read More

Dealing with Character Issues in the Maryland Bar Application Process

For most applicants applying to gain admission into the Maryland Bar, the Application for Admission to the Maryland Bar (the “Bar Application”) is the height of inconvenience.  Oftentimes, applicants are in law school and trying to complete the lengthy and extremely detailed Bar Application, which requires them to track down, among other things, former employers, college transcripts, and driving history records in Read More

Non-Compete Agreement FAQ

All too often, prospective clients come to us after having signed a non-compete agreement with their current employer that has absolutely no protection for them if they decide to leave.  To the uninitiated, this may be shocking that really talented individuals would sign these extremely lopsided agreements without ever negotiating or demanding that their current employer put in place some protections for them if they Read More

Four Things Every Attorney Must do After Getting a Letter from Bar Counsel

If you have practiced law for any length of time in Maryland, you have–or will–receive a letter from Bar Counsel. This is the office that investigates complaints filed against licensed attorneys. As you probably already know, such complaints are commonplace. Bar Counsel receives approximately 2,000 complaints each year, most of which are resolved without any adverse action against the attorney. In a handful of Read More

Is Gattaca Here? What Every Employee Should Know About the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)

Advances in science have made it possible to know much more about the internal workings of our genetic makeup. Genetic testing can provide not only information about family backgrounds and ancestry but has also shed important light on genetic causes of many different kinds of serious medical conditions. Unfortunately, with this additional information comes the potential for that information to be misused. To Read More

Federal Employee Discrimination: What is It?

Federal employees, like virtually all workers throughout the United States, are protected from discrimination in the workplace. Federal employees are protected from many different kinds of discrimination and are protected from discrimination on the basis of many different characteristics and attributes. If you are a federal employee, there is a special federal sector complaint process that provides you with Read More