Employment Contract Issues for Medical Professionals

While most employees in the United States are “at will,” most employment relationships in the medical field — especially for physicians — are governed by an employment contract. These contracts vary by employer, location, and specialty, but there are several types of provisions that are common to almost all medical employment contracts. Below are a few of the most important terms that you should be aware of before Read More

Employment Contracts: Key Considerations for Maryland Executives

Employment Contracts: Key Considerations for Maryland Executives Maryland business executives, especially those in the health care industry, are in an ever-changing landscape. Businesses would like to acquire the best management talent, but at the same time, have flexibility to make quick changes in leadership. On the flipside, executives want job security, plenty of authority to accomplish their mandate and Read More

Non-Compete Agreement FAQ

All too often, prospective clients come to us after having signed a non-compete agreement with their current employer that has absolutely no protection for them if they decide to leave.  To the uninitiated, this may be shocking that really talented individuals would sign these extremely lopsided agreements without ever negotiating or demanding that their current employer put in place some protections for them if they Read More

Is a Five-Year Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable in Maryland?

 Non-compete agreements have become an increasingly popular way for employers to maintain control over their former employees. Also known as “restrictive covenants,” non-compete agreements limit a former employee's ability to work for another employer in the same industry or geographic area. Obviously, such agreements tend to heavily favor the employer, and consequently, Maryland courts will only enforce restrictive Read More

Employment Contracts: 8 Things an Executive Should Know Before Signing

Many people are thrilled to receive an offer. Still, they may not feel comfortable asking for a lot of details, fearing that they may appear to be uninterested in the offer. However, it is imperative that workers, especially executives, fully understand the terms of their employment contract. Here are eight questions any executive should ask before signing their employment contract. Is there a probationary Read More

Are Non-Compete Provisions Valid in Maryland?

Are Non-Compete Provisions Valid in Maryland? When you go into a new position at a new company, you may choose not to stay there for the entirety of your career. In that position, you may grow and attain new specialized skills that make you more attractive to other companies. Though you may feel proud that you are sought after by those prospective employers, there are times when you may not be able to take a new Read More

5 Key Elements Every Employment Agreement Should Have

Employment agreements are not necessarily rare, but they are not particularly common, either. Employment agreements are usually entered into between an employer and executives, physicians, scientists, engineers and other highly-skilled employees.  Where there is an employment agreement in place, there are certain elements that should be included to protect both the employer and the employee. Here are five of those Read More

Protect Your Business: Contracts Every Employee Should Be Required to Sign

Check out our webinar for business owners highlighting a few contracts every employee should be required to sign. Read More

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