The Three Reasons Why an Employee can Sue for Wrongful Termination in Maryland

According to a FOX5 September of 2016 report, a former employee of the Prince George’s County Public School System planned to sue for wrongful termination if her termination appeal was not successful. The former employee was allegedly involved in allegations of abuse in the school’s Head Start program. The alleged criminal activity led to about $6.5 million in federal funding being pulled for the program. The Read More

Fired for Off-Duty Misconduct? Your Employer May Have Violated Your Rights

For most people, there is a difference between work and play. While you are at work, you may do everything possible to ensure you are doing your job well. However, once you leave your place of employment, you may choose to hang out with friends and family, partake in an alcoholic beverage, or you may simply choose to relax. Generally, and depending on your profession, you are left to your own devices when you are not Read More

Retaliation and Wrongful Termination

Sometimes situations arise at work that make you feel discriminated against, such as being passed over for a promotion for someone less qualified, being subject to a hostile work environment, or being treated unfairly because of your sexual orientation. When these things happen, you may wish you could speak out against the discrimination. Oftentimes people fail to speak up for themselves when they are being Read More

Fired? 4 Ways to Tell If You Were Wrongfully Terminated

Like most states, Maryland is an at-will state when it comes to employment. This means that an employer can terminate an employee for no cause at all at any time. This does not, however, give employers carte blanche. There are certain situations in which an employer may not terminate an employee, and if it does so anyway, the termination is considered wrongful. In that situation, the employee who is terminated may Read More

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