Federal Employees: Dealing With Disciplinary Actions

Federal employees generally enjoy stronger job security than employees in the private sector, but that job security is not without limits. While many believe that it is almost impossible to fire a federal employee, the truth is that the federal government can and does fire employees with some regularity. Before that extreme stage, however, federal employees are issued one or more disciplinary actions (also known as Read More

Federal Employee Discrimination: What Remedies Are Available to Federal Employees?

Discrimination in the federal workforce is strictly prohibited on the basis of protected status such as race, gender, religion, color, national origin, or disability status. Unfortunately, even with laws in place aimed at preventing government employers from engaging in discriminatory behavior in connection with hiring, firing, or any terms and conditions of employment, discrimination still happens. When unlawful Read More

Federal Employee Discrimination: How to Prove It

Federal employees can take legal action to pursue a legal remedy if they are victimized by any type of unlawful discriminatory behavior.  This could include being refused a job or promotion or being fired as a result of their race, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, advanced age, or other protected status. Workers who are sexually harassed; whose federal government employers refuse to make Read More

Federal Employee Discrimination: What is It?

Federal employees, like virtually all workers throughout the United States, are protected from discrimination in the workplace. Federal employees are protected from many different kinds of discrimination and are protected from discrimination on the basis of many different characteristics and attributes. If you are a federal employee, there is a special federal sector complaint process that provides you with Read More

Federal Employee Performance Appraisals: 5 Things to Know

Federal employees, like employees in the private sector, are expected to fulfill their job responsibilities. In order to ensure that federal workers are on track in doing what is expected of them, federal workers are subject to periodic performance appraisals. While these appraisals will ideally go smoothly and result in positive feedback being provided, sometimes problems can arise. The outcome of your federal Read More

How Federal and State Law Differs on Protection of LGBT Workers

LGBT workers in Maryland face a divided legal landscape when it comes to fighting employment discrimination. While Maryland law clearly recognizes discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity as illegal, federal law is more complicated. Title VII prohibits sex discrimination, but federal courts in Maryland do not recognize “sex” as covering either sexual orientation or gender Read More

Federal Workers: Your Rights and the EEOC Process

The EEOC is an agency that was created to protect the rights of the American workforce. Those employed by the federal government are also protected from workplace discrimination based on one of several protected classes. Federal employees are protected from unfair treatment based on their: Race Color Religion Sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy) National Origin Age (over age Read More

Federal Equal Pay Act Claims

Equality matters. Whether pertaining to race, gender, or sex, equality matters, and we all want to be treated equally, especially within the workplace. In today’s society, women and men are interchanging roles within the workplace. Gone are the days when only women are becoming nurses and only men are becoming construction workers. Though society is moving in a positive direction, unfortunately, when it comes to Read More

5 Specific Rights of Government Employees

All employees have certain rights and protections which are guaranteed in the workplace, no matter the nature of their job. These include things like the right to not be discriminated against based on race, gender, religion, and a variety of other protected classes. Government employees, however, also enjoy additional rights and benefits on top of those found in the private sector. Whether you are an employee of the Read More

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