Facing Disciplinary Action as a Doctor

When you received your medical license, you never considered that you might have to fight to protect it one day. But, now that you are facing disciplinary action by your medical licensing board, fighting to protect your license is the only thing on your mind. This is a difficult situation; and, while all you want to do is take care of your patients, right now, you need to give your disciplinary matter the time and attention it deserves.

Disciplinary Action as a Doctor Can Impact All Aspects of Your Practice

If you are facing disciplinary action, there is a lot you need to know. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our medical license defense lawyers:

What Can I Expect During the Disciplinary Process?

When someone files a complaint against you, medical board personnel will investigate the allegations to gather evidence to present to the board. Upon reviewing this evidence (and considering any additional evidence or arguments you submit in your defense), the board will decide whether to issue a formal charge. At this point, you have the right to a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ); and, if you assert this right, the board will render a final decision once the hearing takes place.  

Will I Have an Opportunity to Dispute the Allegations Against Me?

Yes. In fact, you will have multiple opportunities to dispute the allegations against you. You can (and should) play an active role in the investigative process; and, if the board decides to issue a formal charge following its investigation, you can present a defense at your ALJ hearing.

What are the Potential Outcomes of a Medical Board Disciplinary Hearing?  

The potential outcomes of a medical board disciplinary hearing depend on the severity of the allegations against you. While some forms of professional misconduct can lead to formal reprimands, others can lead to license suspension or even permanent license revocation. Of course, avoiding discipline is a possibility as well—and hiring an experienced professional license defense lawyer will give you the best chance to avoid unnecessary consequences.

Can I Get Fired for Facing Medical Board Discipline?

Potentially. If you are employed “at will,” then your employer can terminate your employment for any reason or no reason at all (with exceptions for discriminatory terminations and those that violate public policy). If you have an employment contract, then your employer can fire you if the discipline imposed serves as grounds for termination under the terms of your agreement.

Can I File an Appeal if I Disagree with the Medical Board’s Decision?

Yes, you can file an appeal if you disagree with the medical board’s decision—as long as you do so in time. There are various grounds for filing an appeal, and our lawyers have significant experience filing successful appeals on behalf of our doctor clients.

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