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We Will Help You Stand Up to Your Employer and Protect Your Rights

As an employee it can seem like the employer holds all the power. While it is true that employers have a significant amount of control over how things are done in the workplace, they are not allowed to abuse and discriminate against their employees. If you are involved in an employment dispute, we can help. Let our employment dispute lawyers review your case and help determine whether or not your employer has violated any laws that may give rise to some type of legal action.

The following are some of the more common ways that employers violate the rights of their employees. If you believe you have been the victim of any of these behaviors, please contact us today for a confidential consultation.

  • Wage & Hour Claims (Paycheck Theft) – No matter the circumstances, if you are not being properly paid for the hours you are working, this is a form of wage theft. This includes people who aren’t receiving proper overtime pay for the extra hours they are working.
  • Sexual Harassment – Sexual harassment of any type is absolutely unacceptable, especially in the workplace. If you ever feel like you have been harassed sexually by a boss, co-worker, customer, or client, you have the right to be protected.
  • Age Discrimination – Employers are not permitted to fire or not hire someone just based on their age. If your employer is treating you differently because of how old you are, we can help.
  • Gender Discrimination – There is no such thing as a ‘guys job’ or a ‘girls job’ but some employers seem to be stuck with an outdated mindset. If your employer is discriminating or treating you unfairly based on your gender, you may have a legal case that can be made.
  • Race and National Origin Discrimination – Discrimination in the workplace based on race or national origin is unacceptable, and illegal. If you are treated differently because of your race or national origin, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to review your case.
  • Disability Discrimination – Some people assume that someone with a disability is unable to perform certain jobs. The law requires, however, that employers treat those with disabilities the same as those without as long as they are able to complete the job duties with reasonable accommodations.
  • Wrongful Termination – Employers can fire people as needed for the business, but only with just cause. If you have been fired without reasonable cause, you may have a wrongful termination suit on your hands.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination – Getting pregnant should be a joyful experience, but some employers don’t see it that way. If your employer is trying to fire you, get you to quit, or otherwise discriminate against you because of a pregnancy, you need to protect your rights.
  • Religious DiscriminationEmployers are required to make reasonable accommodations for the religious beliefs of their employees, and they are never allowed to discriminate based on these beliefs. If your employer is putting an unreasonable burden on you based on your religious beliefs, we can help.
  • Employment Contracts – Having a contract employment agreement in place can help provide significant protections to both the employee and the employer. We can help cover all elements of an employment contract that all parties will be happy with. Additionally, we can help you with employment policies, executive employment agreements, and help explain exempt wages vs. non-exempt wages.
  • Government Employee Issues – Government employees often have a variety of added rights and responsibilities that those in the private sector don’t. If these rights and responsibilities aren’t provided, it is important to demand them.

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