Do Not Accept Your Agency’s Decision—Talk to a Washington Federal Wrongful Termination Lawyer About Your Legal Rights

If you have lost your job with the federal government in Washington, it is important that you speak with a lawyer promptly. Just like employers in the private sector, many federal employers violate their employees’ legal rights. If you are a victim of wrongful termination, you may be entitled to reinstatement, back pay and other remedies—and an experienced Washington federal wrongful termination lawyer will be able to help you seek the full remedies you deserve.  

At The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford, we regularly represent federal employees in wrongful termination cases and other employment-related matters. If your federal employer has wrongfully terminated your employment, we can guide you through your next steps. We can work to gather the evidence needed to prove that you are a victim of discrimination, retaliation or another prohibited personnel practice (PPP), and then we can take appropriate legal action on your behalf.

Federal Wrongful Termination Cases We Handle

We handle all types of wrongful termination cases on behalf of federal employees in Washington. This includes cases involving:

Discriminatory Terminations

Federal laws, including Title VII, prohibit federal employers from terminating employees’ positions based on their color, race, religion, sex, and other protected characteristics.

Retaliatory Terminations

As a federal employee, you cannot lose your job for asserting your legal rights or engaging in other protected activities. If you do, you may have a claim for wrongful termination.

Terminations Based on Unjustified Misconduct Allegations

While misconduct can be grounds for termination in appropriate circumstances, unjustified misconduct allegations can also give rise to claims for wrongful termination.

Terminations Based on Unjustified Poor Performance Reviews

Terminations based on unjustified poor performance reviews can justify wrongful termination claims as well. If you received an unjustified poor performance review, you should speak with a Washington federal wrongful termination lawyer about your legal rights.

Failure to Provide Due Process Prior to Termination

Federal employers must follow strict procedures before terminating their employees. If you lost your federal job without being afforded due process, you may have a claim regardless of the purported basis for your termination.

Retaliation and Protected Activities

Many federal wrongful termination cases involve retaliation. Several federal laws prohibit retaliation against federal employees—and they provide victims of retaliation with clear legal rights.

When is a Federal Employee’s Termination Considered Retaliatory?

A federal employee’s termination is considered retaliatory when it is based on the employee’s decision to engage in a “protected activity.” As a federal employee, you cannot be punished for engaging in conduct that is protected under federal law.

What is a “Protected Activity?”

So, what is a “protected activity?” Protected activities can take many forms. When you speak with a Washington federal wrongful termination lawyer at The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford, your attorney will carefully examine the facts of your case to determine which federal protections apply.

Some examples of protected activities include:

  • Requesting leave or a reasonable accommodation
  • Filing a discrimination or harassment complaint
  • Helping a coworker file a discrimination or harassment complaint (including serving as a witness)Reporting fraud, waste, abuse or other misconduct through the appropriate channels
  • Refusing to engage in discriminatory practices or participate in harassment
  • Rejecting sexual advances and other forms of harassment
  • Answering questions or providing other assistance during an investigation
  • Filing a whistleblower complaint

Again, these are just examples. If you have any reason to believe that you may be a victim of a retaliatory termination, we strongly encourage you to speak with one of our lawyers about your legal rights.

Filing a Wrongful Termination Claim as a Federal Employee

While federal employees are entitled to clear protections against wrongful termination, filing a federal wrongful termination claim is not a straightforward process. It requires in-depth knowledge of the law, and you must carefully follow all mandatory procedures. As a result, experienced legal representation is critical. Here is an overview of the major steps involved in working with a lawyer to assert your legal rights:

  • Discuss Your Rights with a Washington Federal Wrongful Termination Lawyer – The first step is to discuss your rights with a Washington federal wrongful termination lawyer. Since strict deadlines apply to some types of wrongful termination claims, you should schedule a confidential consultation as soon as possible.
  • Gather All Necessary Documentation – Once you hire a lawyer to represent you, you will need to work with your lawyer to gather all necessary documentation. If you still have access to federal devices, systems or records, you should seek your lawyer’s advice before accessing them for purposes of your wrongful termination claim.
  • Determine What Remedy (or Remedies) You Want to Seek – Are you interested in reinstatement? Or are you solely interested in obtaining back pay and other appropriate financial compensation? As you begin going through the process of filing a claim, you should think critically about the remedy (or remedies) you want to seek.
  • Determine Where You Need to Start the Process – Different federal employees (or former federal employees) must take different steps to assert their legal rights. Your lawyer can help you determine where you need to start the process.
  • Work with Your Lawyer to Seek a Just Outcome – Once you start the process, you will need to continue working closely with your lawyer to seek a just outcome. If you receive a settlement offer, your lawyer will help you make an informed decision about whether to accept. If you do not receive an acceptable settlement offer, then your lawyer will continue fighting to protect your legal rights through all available means.  

Speak with a Washington Federal Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Confidence

If you need to know more about filing a wrongful termination claim against the federal government in Washington, we encourage you to contact us promptly. To speak with a Washington federal wrongful termination lawyer at The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford in confidence as soon as possible, call 410-514-6099 or tell us how we can reach you online now.