Don’t Wait Until the Hearing to Contact a Professional License Defense Lawyer

December 16, 2022
The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford

Any kind of disciplinary action taken against you by your licensing board can get very serious very quickly. Unfortunately, many people don’t take these issues as seriously as they should – they assume that they will be able to talk their way out of it or that nothing will really come of it. Once the hearing is scheduled and it’s clear that the issue isn’t getting resolved, they realize that they need professional help. Unfortunately, at that point, their options are limited and it is often too late to achieve a favorable result. Don’t wait until the hearing – contact a professional license defense lawyer the moment your licensing board takes action against you. 

A Professional License Defense Lawyer Can Help You Through the Investigation

One of the first things that happens in a disciplinary proceeding is that the licensing board will launch an investigation. Investigations often bring onerous demands upon the professional, who must fully cooperate with the process or risk further jeopardizing their license. This can put tremendous pressure on the professional, which often leads to mistakes that can prejudice their case. A professional license defense lawyer can help you cooperate with the investigation in a variety of ways: 

  • They can help you formulate an accurate response to the complaint that avoids any damaging admissions
  • They can help you respond to any requests for documents
  • They can provide guidance during any interviews with investigators

Investigators can be aggressive. A professional license defense lawyer can protect your rights while ensuring your cooperation. 

A Professional License Defense Lawyer Can Explain the Potential Consequences You Face

Most professionals don’t really understand the consequences that are facing as a result of the disciplinary process. They have a vague notion that suspension or revocation of their license may be possible but do not understand what outcomes are likely in their particular case. Understanding the potential consequences you face is critical for developing a strategy for navigating the disciplinary process. An experienced professional license defense lawyer can explain the range of consequences you face, what factors you have in your favor, and what factors will work against you. Knowing what you can expect can help you make an informed decision for moving forward. 

A Professional License Defense Lawyer Can Help Settle Your Case

The disciplinary process can be stressful and emotionally draining. For some, the best option is often to try and settle the case with the licensing board. Many professionals are unaware that this is an option or what would be considered a fair settlement. Alternatively, the board may offer to settle your case, but these offers are often unfair and focused primarily on a speedy disposition for the benefit of the board. A professional license defense lawyer can help you decide whether a settlement would be appropriate and what terms would be fair. From there, they can handle the negotiation process so that you can achieve a fair settlement and put your complaint behind you. 

You Need to Give Your Lawyer Plenty of Time to Fully Prepare

Probably the biggest reason why you don’t want to wait to hire an attorney is that they won’t have adequate time to prepare a thorough defense. Many lawyers won’t even accept your case at the last minute, meaning that you will have to defend yourself – an alarming prospect when you’ve realized that you need help. 

Don’t wait until the hearing to contact a lawyer. Instead, start looking for a lawyer as soon as possible. The more time they have and the more involved in your case they are, the better your chances of reaching a favorable result. License defense cases are typically very fact-specific. You want your lawyer to have time to master the facts so that they can formulate the strongest possible defense. All of that said, it’s never too late to contact a professional license defense lawyer no matter where you are in the process. 

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