Has Your License Been Suspended or Revoked? Understand Your Options

March 31, 2023
The Law Firm of J.W. Stafford

Facing a disciplinary action can be overwhelming. Many licensed professionals will try to get through the process as quickly as possible, despite not understanding precisely what penalties they may be facing. Many assume that if they agree to a suspension, their license will be automatically reinstated once their suspension expires. Unfortunately, getting your license back is often much more difficult than many professionals expect. Whether you are currently in the disciplinary process or just want to get back to your career, an experienced professional license defense attorney can explain what you can expect and help you navigate the process from start to finish. 

Suspended or Revoked? 

A suspension is typically temporary, anywhere from a few months up to several years. A revocation is permanent. Depending on your profession, you may have the ability to seek reinstatement after a revocation, but it will likely be a more onerous process than if your license was suspended. Whether your license has been suspended or revoked, a professional license defense attorney can help you understand your options and what you will need to do. 

That said, it is important to note that reinstatement is not automatic even if your license was only suspended. Attorneys, for example, must file a petition for reinstatement with the Court of Appeals and allow Bar Counsel the opportunity to file an objection. Nurses, on the other hand, must file a petition with the Board of Nursing that meets specific requirements for a non-judicial review. 

The length of time that you were suspended can also affect the process. Short-term suspensions (such as six months) may have a more streamlined process than those who have been suspended for a year or more. The reinstatement process can be complex and you may find that your licensing board is unwilling to guide you through the process. A professional license defense attorney can help you get through the process and help you get your career back. 

Check Your Order

You should review the papers associated with your case before starting on the path to reinstatement. At the conclusion of the process, your licensing board likely issued an order (the name of the document may vary) that laid out the terms of your suspension or revocation and what you would have to do to seek reinstatement. These terms may be in addition to the basic requirements mandated by your professional regulations. 

For those who have not yet reached the conclusion of the disciplinary process, you may be considering settling your case. If you do settle, you should consider negotiating your reinstatement requirements. You may not be able to avoid those requirements mandated by your governing regulations, but you may be able to minimize any additional requirements. A professional license defense attorney can assist you with what may be considered fair or agreeable to the Board. 

Have You Kept Up With Your Ongoing Obligations? 

Despite the fact that you are unable to practice, your board may require you to continue meeting a variety of ongoing obligations as if you were practicing. For example, you may need to complete any continuing education requirements and pay your dues. If you haven’t, you may need to pay various late fees and penalties associated with your failure to do so.    

Why You Should Seek Guidance from a Professional License Defense Attorney

Your options for getting your career back can vary widely based on your profession, the circumstances of your case, and whether your license was revoked or suspended. In addition, you may have ongoing obligations despite your suspension or revocation that will need to be satisfied before your license can be reinstated – obligations that include considerable expenses and time commitments. 

Of course, engaging a professional license defense attorney before your case is decided can make a tremendous difference. They can explain what it will take to get your license back so that you can make an informed decision as to how to proceed such as whether you should settle your case or fight.

We understand, however, that not everyone had the foresight to engage an attorney when they were charged with an ethical violation. A professional license attorney can still explain your options and help you navigate the reinstatement process. 

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