How Non-Related Legal Issues Can Affect Your Professional License

February 21, 2022
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Everyone at some point in their lives makes a mistake, some of which can have life-altering consequences. For many people, their mistakes can cause considerable damage in their personal lives, but their jobs remain unaffected. Unfortunately for licensed professionals, these mistakes can lead to the loss of their license, even when their legal issues are completely unrelated to their professional life. Even worse, the damage to their career is often unexpected and can cause far greater damage than whatever legal penalties they face. If you are a licensed professional facing significant legal issues, you should talk with a Maryland employment lawyer about how those issues could affect your license.

Criminal Charges Can Jeopardize Your License

Many licensing boards have provisions prohibiting “crimes of moral turpitude.” In many cases, what is included as a “crime of moral turpitude” is not defined. Instead, the board will make a determination as to whether you should face disciplinary action as a result of your charges. Generally speaking, a felony conviction will likely result in some kind of disciplinary action, but the following convictions could as well: 

  • DUI/DWI for drugs or alcohol
  • Theft
  • Fraud 
  • Assault
  • Drug possession charges
  • Sex offenses

Generally speaking, the more serious the crime the more likely it will affect your license and the more serious those consequences will be. If you are facing any type of criminal charges, a Maryland employment lawyer can determine whether it could affect your license and help you get out in front of it. 

Non-Criminal Legal Issues

Professional licensing boards may also take issue with non-criminal legal issues if they believe that those issues could compromise your professionalism or reflect poorly on your profession. For example, the following legal issues could lead to disciplinary action from your board: 

  • Unsatisfied monetary judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Unpaid debts
  • Repossessions

Legal proceedings that call into question your truthfulness or contain allegations of unethical behavior can spark disciplinary proceedings even if they are unrelated to your career. If you are concerned about how a civil legal matter could affect your license, a Maryland employment lawyer can provide you with some guidance. 

Non-Legal Issues

Licensed professionals now operate in a world where almost everything you do is captured either online or on a camera. Losing your temper or making an inappropriate comment can quickly lead to trouble with your licensing board, even if your actions do not result in civil or criminal legal liability. For example, the following actions could lead to disciplinary action for many professionals: 

  • Road rage incidents
  • Racial or otherwise discriminatory remarks
  • Harassment
  • Inappropriate behavior in public places

Whatever the incident may be, you should be prepared to protect your license even if it doesn’t “go viral.” A Maryland employment lawyer may be able to protect you from heavy-handed consequences as a result of a momentary lapse in judgment. 

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